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EXPO 2015 (Milano)

Padiglione Italia.

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EXPO 2015 (Milano)

Padiglione Italia del Cardo

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EXPO 2015 (Milano)

Agorà, Arch. Michele De Lucchi, ubicazione: Milano - Castello Sforzesco

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EXPO 2015 (Milano)

PADIGLIONE CCUP - China Corporate United Pavillon

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EXPO 2015 (Milano)

Padiglione Vietnam.

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EXPO 2015 (Milano)

Padiglione Santa Sede.



Expo 2015 Padiglione Italia

Expo 2015 "Italy Pavilion"

The building will house spaces and institutional representative of the Italian Government, the excellence of Made in Italy

Expo 2015 Padiglione Cardo

Expo 2015 "Cardo Pavilion"

The buildings of the Cardo of the Italian Pavilion, will be representative of the Italian territory and in particular of the Regions

Expo 2015 Padiglione Agorà

Expo 2015 "Agorà Pavilion"

Theatre icon designed by Michele De Lucchi, to tell the themes of the next Universal Exposition..

Expo 2015 Padiglione CCUP

Expo 2015 "CCUP Pavilion"

The China Pavilion Corporate United plays thanks to the symbolism of the seed, the dream of a group of Chinese companies.

Expo 2015 Padiglione Vietnam

Expo 2015 "Vietnam Pavilion"

The pavilion, which is spread over an area of 1,000 Mq, is presented with a series of facilities like large greened mushrooms.

Expo 2015 Padiglione Santa Sede

Expo 2015 "Holy See Pavilion

The structure, spread over an area of 1,200 square meters, a space for reflection around food.

Expo 2015 Children Park

Expo 2015 "Children Park"

l Children Park is an area of play and discovery for children and families. A huge garden where everything is possible ...

Expo 2015 Padiglione Ecuador

Expo 2015 "Ecuador Pavilion"

The Pavilion of 3 storey building with a total area of 800 square meters, will be the theme Discover our-Evolution developed along four lines ...